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The Pride WhistlestopTour of Vermont & 
New Hampshire


Post on social media: #TrainRideForPride

Date: Saturday June 8th 2024


Time:  Schedule below.  

Vermonter Arrival schedule:


 9:15a Departs St. Albans, VT (SAB) 

 9:44a - Essex Junction, VT  (ESX) 

 10:10a - Waterbury-Stowe, VT (WAB) 

 10:25a - Montpelier-Berlin, VT (MPR) 

 10:59a - Randolph, VT (RPH) 

 11:35a - White River Junction, VT (WRJ) 

 11:56a - Windsor-Mt. Ascutney, VT (WNM) 

 12:06p - Claremont, NH (CLA) 

 12:30p - Bellows Falls, VT (BLF) 

 1:02p - Brattleboro, VT (BRA) 

Show up at your favorite station!

Saturday June 8th

Show up for Pride on Saturday, June 8 for the 2nd annual Pride Whistlestop Tour as the Amtrak Vermonter travels from St. Albans south to Brattleboro!  Demonstrate unity and community to those traveling through Vermont as an LGBTQIA+ individual, organization or ally by gathering at your local train station while the train passes by.


Our Whistlestop Tour will be listed on the Amtrak calendar of events!  Make this celebration your own and specific to your favorite station.  How will you share your LGBTQIA+ beauty and love?  Here’s some ideas!


-Bring your LGBTQ rainbow flags, trans flags, bi flags, Pride flags and wave them proudly.

-Decorate the station with bunting, streamers or (non-mylar) balloons.

-Wear your most Pride celebratory clothing, dress in drag, family oriented gear

-Invite your friends and family

-Blow bubbles

-Throw an impromptu dance party


-Does your town have a amazing local lore you can dress up as? (We’re looking at you Connecticut River Monster of White River Junction)


IMPORTANT:  Arrive at your location train station ahead of the train to gather and/or decorate.  On the day, check for the Vermonter train 55 for any delays or updates.  Please be mindful of space. Don’t block entrances/exits and wheelchair areas of station.  If putting up decorations do not put on areas of hand rails that would impede use.  Some train stations are also working establishments, if so, please ask permission to decorate, explain it would only be for a few minutes and be courteous. 

Amtrak’s Vermonter train service sees over 75,000 visitors a year.  The LGBTQIA+ community knows how important it is to foster safety and equality.  Being able to travel and explore can mirror one’s ability to learn about themselves and their place in community. Show Your Pride on Saturday June 8 and make the Pride Whistlestop Tour an unforgettable experience!  

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